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Operations: design's older sister


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At golfer.eu we always want to take best possible care of our clients and their projects.

We understand than challenges await throughout planning and implementation phases, which we so gladly manage.

However, with the bigger picture in mind, we very well know that at least equal part of project’s success lays in its efficient and well prepared operations. Seeing how our clients could benefit from guidance and leadership in this area, we have decided to dedicate ourselves to fully master modern golf club management.

Thanks to our determination and management development programme by the CMAE, we currently gather the know-how and experience of industry leaders to be able to provide our clients with effective, proven and contemporary solutions for operations management.

Many of today’s golf facilities struggle because of inappropriate approach, but we want to make sure our clients enjoy their golf investments to the fullest with right management on their side – regardless of project phase.

Daily live news from management training at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and Park Hyatt hotel:

Day 5 – Managers Development Programme part 1 comes to a strong finish. Analysing and keeping track of your budget, assets, profit & loss balances is what enables a sound foundation for steady operations at your club. At the same time proper Health and Safety enables you to steer off problems with disruptions to service and legal action as well. All things considered – running a successful club operations takes a lot of skills and thinking – we are happy to announce that we got what it takes!

Day 4 - Club's structure (known as the governance), marketing and take on client acquisition and retention constitute the success of your organization. Do it well, and you are golden. Do it wrong however - the end will be near... We understand strategies, actions and philosophies of how to run your club towards effective people management – both your employees and clients. Give us a shout to learn more at info@golfer.eu

Day 3 - Human resources & legal aspects of operations can cause a real headache any organization. Not only should you act with due diligence – you should also be a people’s person? If you prepare well to overcome difficulties in the future there is no need to worry too much about any of that.

We are confident that we know how to put your project to a good start. We also know how to improve your operation in that regard. Even if you are near perfect – there’s always room to improve! Let us talk to discuss how we can help your business reach stability on all fronts.

Day 2 - F&B is THE place to be! Throwing money down the drain’ is literally what happens when you mismanage your F&B operations. The importance of stock control and takes cannot be underestimated when even a tenth of your business in on the line! We know this and we are glad others share our views too. If you want to learn more - contact us right away at info@golfer.eu

Day 1 - some late night reading to revise key information about leadership, employee engagement, management of change & delegation of responsibilities. Really crucial if you want to operate efficiently and with long term economic stability in sight!


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