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Development process parameters; a convenient tax and legal form model

Before launching work on the final project version a number of issues have to be resolved. It is necessary to create a good team, to find a perfect locality for the project and so on.

Creating a project team

Our own capacity and the quality of our authorized architects, expert consultants, project managers, economists and other specialists enable us to appoint the right colleagues for specific tasks. The proper composition of project teams is chosen with regard to the concrete requirements of individual projects so that team members’ collaboration always yields only the best results.

Selecting a suitable site

We also search for suitable sites for specific projects, provided they have not yet been determined. To be chosen an eligible locality must meet several criteria:

  • Nature of landscape
  • Economic indicators
  • Demographic data
  • Infrastructure
  • Competition
  • Proprietary rights

The tax and legal form model

Based on our mutual discussions we will set up an optimum tax and legal form model for you. Some legal forms are suitable for business organizations, some are more appropriate for funded projects (grants) and some are ideal for sports activities.

“GOLFER joined a golf development pilot project and selected a suitable golf sites in the Karlovy Vary Region. To see the results of the study go to"



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