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Ing. Libor Jirásek (*1962)

Studio GOLFER, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

A member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects; currently member of the EIGCA Council
Authorized architect in the area of garden and landscape design and architecture, Czech Chamber of Architects Reg. No. 03 046,
Court-certified expert in the area of sport, branch: sport facilities, specialization: design, development and operations of golf courses.

  • Landscape architect who continues his family gardening tradition that has been developed by several generations.
  • Authorized landscape architect and a member of the Czech Chamber of Architects.
  • Member of the Council of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects.
  • Court-certified expert in the field of golf course designs, development and operation.
  • Economist and project team manager.
  • Lecturer, author of popularization and educational articles on golf and co-author of books about golf.
  • Developer and co-investor of large investment projects.

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Michael Terech, MA (Hons) in Land. Arch. (*1985)

Studio GOLFER, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

  • Golf Course Architect, Associate Member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) with wide practical experience in a number of international projects.
  • Project manager with fluent and working knowledge of several European languages and multicultural work environments.
  • Landscape architect with a master's degree awarded with honours by the University of Edinburgh and ECA, Scotland.
  • Graduate of the Diploma Course in Golf Course Design with the EIGCA.
  • Environmental consultant with interest in biodiversity and sustainability; Golf Environment Organization (GEO) member - Sustainability Associate.
  • Independent and responsible leader who is fully aware of the real value of time.
  • Team player who uses cooperation with international entities, including global golf architecture celebrities, to gain added value to the projects.
  • Occasional writer who eagerly analyses numerous complexities of golf course architecture, economics of development and environmental matters.
  • Avid reader with a broad knowledge of plants and the history of golf, yet with a surprisingly poor memory for names and dates.
  • Golf enthusiast who bears in mind the sustainability of golf and therefore refuses - in most cases - to use fairways.
  • Advocate of healthy nutrition, especially reds: meat & wine.

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