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Libor Jirásek was the first of us to get the feel of golf. It was in the 1970’s when his grandpa worked at the golf course in Karlovy Vary as its respected caretaker and green keeper.

The first official deed documenting the establishment of golf project business activities is a trade license for the design of golf courses granted to the company Libor Jirásek – GOLFER and effective as of February 11, 1992.

Another important step in the company’s history of twenty years was the transfer of designing activities under the wings of a new legal firm on May 12, 1994 when GOLFER s. r. o. (a limited company) was incorporated.

Most relevant initial projects were closely connected with newly built Czech golf courses. For instance, our company attended the first wave of topsoil stripping preceding the development of the Karlštejn Golf Resort on June 10, 1992. We provided the investor with consulting services encompassing not only golf but also club and sports-related project needs. Working as a member of another business organization we also supplied the irrigation system and mechanical equipment for the premises and assisted with the management of operations.

In 1992 we met Europe’s leading golf resort architect Rainer Preissmann with whom we signed a cooperation contract in 2001. Since then we have cooperated closely to this date. Rainer Preissmann is, among others, the President of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) based in Great Britain.

In 2002 we organized, for the first time, the Eastgreens conference, its benefactor being - and remaining in the subsequent years - Ing. Ladislav Žák.

Our cooperation with Michael Terech began even before he graduated with honors from Edinburgh University in 2010, majoring in landscape design and planning.

However, it is each completed golf course that truly marks a memorable milestone in our company’s history.


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