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A million-dollar view


do: 07.06.2017 zařazeno v kategorii: Novinky | autor: Michael Terech MA (Hons) in Land | komentáře: 0


Continuous work on oneself is a must in order to stay on top of one’s game – no matter what industry you are involved with. In golf, this is true as much for every player as it is for the likes of us, Course Creators.

A golf course study tour is one of the most inspiring ways of doing a professional research. This is especially exciting if the clubs one is about to visit are of the benchmark-setting standards.

At GOLFER.eu we have been blessed to have yet another opportunity of visiting some of the premiere courses and clubs. This time we have visited a selection of the world-class gems in the Middle East, specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We looked at their architecture, aesthetics, facilities, clubhouses, greenkeeping and operations; all this in search of inspiration to make our clients projects better.

Enough has been said; since a single image is worth a thousand words, feel free to browse a couple-hundred-pages-worth of our notes below. And don’t be shy in telling us, which of these golf shots is your favourite!


Pro zvětšení klikněte na Vámi zvolenou fotografii.


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