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Business Golf Tour 2012


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On the 12th of May we have initiated the new season of Business Golf Tour (BGT), playing the biggest golf complex in Austria - Stegersbach, and then another course at Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

The Südburgenland course sits in extremely demanding terrain and the original morphology has been just slightly adjusted for the purposes of golf course.

Greens were in good condition, although they seemed a wee bit small-ish, similarly the tees. The routing of the course however was a bit problematic, as the course is clearly for buggy play only, with extreme distances between individual holes. The real disturbance lies however in the inability to enter fairways - or at least semi-rough – with the carts, making the player walk long distances and carry several clubs to play the ball and resulting in actual delay to the game pace.

The first tee is some 15 minutes by cart from the clubhouse, but actually it took us more than 17 minutes to get there due to minor detours – the path, even though properly marked, runs through course, village, state road, forest… Some holes are blind and two par 5 holes have hidden greens that remain hidden even after two good shots.

However, the overall experience was fine, as the service was great, weather perfect, and water in the pools of the surrounding spas just excellent for dips after game!

We look forward to more BGT tournaments this summer!


Libor & flight
Mike & flight
300m?... :)
Fun cart!
Golfer @ BGT 2012

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